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The African Princess

About The Book

A long time ago, a prophecy spoke about a Prince who would save his land. But when a monster comes to the kingdom of Konkolo and the Prince disappears, no one believes his sister can save them.


The Authors

Makayla Malaka

Makayla Malaka (Born June 27th 2012) is an amazing and fun-loving artiste whose music continues to inspire and encourage both children and adults alike. She has been able to balance her singing and academics perfectly with strong support from her parents. Makayla Malaka started singing at the age of 6 and released her first single as a recording artist ‘Just Dance’ at the age of 7.....

Sope Martins

Reader, writer, broadcaster, villain lover - that’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Sope Martins. When she’s not immersed in stories, Sope loves baking, candle-making, and playing a round of ‘Who Broke That?’ with her dogs. She is the author of picture books The Greatest Animal in the Jungle and The Adventures of Nosa the Superhero, as well as chapter book Riddle Riddle.


Crushing on this new children's book.

It is just a joy to read aloud and is accompanied by the most daring and colourful illustrations.

I can't but pause to ask this question.

"What is the most fascinating story you’ve read about myths, kings, battles and dragons?"

“The African Princess” written by duo, Child Author Makayla Malaka and Sope Martins will beat your expectation.

It's a bubbly read-aloud for younger and older children between the ages of 5-10 years.

 As a frequent reader of epic and adventurous stories I often come away with brilliant memories filled with suspense, amazing treasures and unforgettable experiences!

 It's perfect for sharing with older children who love adventure and epic experiences.

While younger children will enjoy the African version of

their classic fairy tales which have been passed down from generation to generation for many years.

 Older children will enjoy deeper conversations around life lessons and instructions from the book.

A long time ago in the Kingdom of Konkolo, a prophecy was written in the sand concerning a certain child.

Nobody knew the child's name because the wind had swept it away.

When calamity erupts in future, the people recall the ancient prophecy. 

 There is an appointed child destined to fulfill the prophecy. How will the child overcome Ijaya, the ancient monster with seven heads who has swallowed the king and his best fighters?

Who is this special child?

Find out in the book

 'The African Princess' by Sope Martins and Makayla Malaka.

Thank you so much for sending us this fabulous book!

Temiloluwa Adeshina

Lead Learning Officer, Readland Global

Featuring a lyrical prophecy, a monster with seven heads, a hero’s journey, vibrant illustrations, the universal themes of the power of love and the girl child, and sprinkles of suspense, this folktale-like story tells the tale of one brave girl’s journey to save her brother and her town.

Ugo Anidi

Author, Half Hour Hara (Farafina Tuuti, 2022)

I never thought I’d be screaming “why did it have to end?”
After reading a children’s book but The African Princess really had me doing that. Quite an enjoyable read that left me with these lessons: Sometimes, love is all the weapon you need. Do to others, what you would have loved them to do to you.

Thank you Maykala Malaka and Sope Martins.

Oluwaseun Olusegun

OAP/Radio Presenter, Smooth FM (Lagos)

The African Princess is a story that re-emphasises the need for love among society, starting with the smallest and most important unit, the family. For a girl who had no name nor love given to her when her whole kindred looked to the wrong people for solutions in the kingdom, the emergence of the African princess indeed underscores the fact that many times, the heaviest things require the lightest touch.
Well written Makayla Malaka and Sope Martins.

Rotimi Ige

Entertainment Editor (Nigerian Tribune)

This is an exciting and inspirational masterpiece.
It is certainly a good read for kids who need all the motivation to thrive in this challenging world.

Olasumbo Yusuf

OAP/ Head Of Programs, Inspiration FM ( Ibadan)

I love that this is different, most stories always carry the narrative of male dominance and subject the females to back row. Women have been carrying out "superhero" moves in history and these stories need to come out.
This story teaches that with kindness, wisdom and love, we can conquer our battles. Very brave and brilliant princess, it was worth the read.

Ogenyi Samuel Frederick

Producer, Multichoice (Nigeria)

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