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Team Makayla | September 13, 2023

Hello Friends, It’s beautiful to see that the world will be a better place if only we become better people ourselves, even when it doesn’t pay us! Just being human makes the world a better place.



Team Makayla | September 11, 2023

Hello Friends, It’s another Monday again! A brand new week! How prepared are you to make positive impact? Or maybe you just feel you are not seen or whatever you do doesn’t impact anyone. Well, I am here to remind you that, it might look like no one is watching […]


Good Morning☺️

Team Makayla | July 31, 2023

Hello Friends, Still in my holiday mode & guess who woke up like this? Of course,  me! So amazing to always give your body rest when needed. Have a fabulous day☺️Makayla Cares❤️


Has the DAY finally arrived?

Team Makayla | July 29, 2023

Hello Friends, Let me create a visual representation of what I am doing right now, I am jumping all over the place, we are going to London☺️ Holiday mood activated! Stay glue to this space, it promises to be fun. See you soon!



Team Makayla | June 27, 2023

Hey Friends, It’s my birthday today!!! 🎂 🎈  Please say a prayer for me. I turned 11 years old today. I released my fourth studio album today! Don’t Forget to Stream the Album. Thanks for your support ☺️❤️


Monday Motivation 😊

Team Makayla | April 3, 2023

Monday, Monday, Monday! A lot of people don’t see this day as their favourite day. Maybe its because it’s the beginning of a new week and most people shrugged off their beds or the relaxed weekend they had is not enough 😂 But it’s Monday regardless, so hit the ball […]


Monday Again!

Team Makayla | January 23, 2023

Hello Friends🤗, It’s Monday again, might not be a lot of people’s favourite day😂.. I am here to tell you to make the best use of today because you might never get it back. Stay Positive Stay Happy Have a great week everyone.


Happy New Month😊

Team Makayla | November 1, 2022

Hello Friends, It’s November already and I can’t be more excited because it’s almost my favourite month of the year🥳. Happy New Month friends and may November be nice to us😊

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