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Monday Wins!

Team Makayla | September 18, 2023

Hello Friends, Monday! Monday! Monday! Let’s go out & win. Not really a lot of people’s favorite day but when we put our minds to winning, we will win. Have a great day ahead & Happy New Week!


Monday Motivation 😊

Team Makayla | April 3, 2023

Monday, Monday, Monday! A lot of people don’t see this day as their favourite day. Maybe its because it’s the beginning of a new week and most people shrugged off their beds or the relaxed weekend they had is not enough 😂 But it’s Monday regardless, so hit the ball […]

Fun Facts

Happy New Week😊

Team Makayla | March 6, 2023

Hi Friends, ‘ It’s Monday Again 😊😊😊I have had a fun-filled week, (I mean last Week😂) It was a mid-term week and I had a restful week. Now, it’s school time and, half of the term, I feel so energized to make the day count. Happy New Week Everyone, Remember […]


Monday Again!

Team Makayla | January 23, 2023

Hello Friends🤗, It’s Monday again, might not be a lot of people’s favourite day😂.. I am here to tell you to make the best use of today because you might never get it back. Stay Positive Stay Happy Have a great week everyone.


Make hay while the sun shines😊

Team Makayla | August 15, 2022

Hello Friends, Have you heard of the saying; “Make hay while the sun shines” means put in the work now, don’t bother about the results for now. As long as you put in the work and you are consistent, the result will be mindblowing 😊 Don’t forget to take a […]

Thinking Out Loud

You Are Enough😇

Team Makayla | December 6, 2021

Hi friends, It’s another Monday again. How have you been holding up? I know everyone is doing amazingly well. Today, I will like you to know an interesting fact that “You Are Enough”! Sometimes, we get carried away when others are doing better than us in different fields but we […]

Thinking Out Loud

Monday Motivation

Team Makayla | November 15, 2021

It’s a bright day today, I see you hitting your targeted goals. Don’t procrastinate, remember, procrastination is merely a thief of time. Do not let anything distract you from being a winner today. Have a great Monday, Catch you soon😊

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