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Makayla Malaka (Born June 27th 2012) is an amazing and fun-loving artiste whose music continues to inspire and encourage both children and adults alike. She has been able to balance her singing and academics perfectly with strong support from her parents.


Makayla Malaka started singing at the age of 6 and released her first single as a recording artist ‘Just Dance’ at the age of 7.


She released her first studio album titled ‘Eight’, on her 8th birthday which included her hit tracks ‘Just Dance, Give me food and Grandma Told me’.

Q & Makayla

  • addWho is Makayla Malaka
    I am a singer/songwriter and your everyday funny, energetic, fun-loving kid. I was born on the 27th of June 2012 in London, UK. I currently live in Nigeria with my parents where I am in primary school, year 4. I am an only child and I love singing, running, swimming, dancing, skating and playing with my dolls.
  • addWhat Made You Go Into Music
    That’s easy, Michael Jackson. I found out about him through my dad and was fascinated by his music and life. I wanted to be popular like him and I guess that’s where the interest came.
  • addHow Long Have You Been Singing
    I have always loved singing and used to make up my own songs right from when I was very little. I however got interested in singing professionally when I was 5. I told my dad at the time but he did not take it seriously and I kept disturbing him for over a year until he agreed to allow me record something. I I recorded my first song when I was 6, released my first single when I was Seven and later released my debut album ‘Eight’ on my eight birthday. I plan to release an album every year, on my birthday.
  • addHow Do You Get Creative
    I am inspired by everything happening around me and I usually work on my music with my dad. We discuss ideas and tunes and keep working on them until they become songs.
  • addDescribe Your Sound
    I will describe my sound as fun. I experiment with different types of music and come up with something that works for me.
  • addWhat Are Your Parents Like
    My parents are fun and playful. They support and encourage me to try different things and also make sure I work hard at school.
  • addHow Often Do You Write Songs
    I work on my music in my free time
  • addWhat Is Your Biggest Inspiration
    Michael Jackson
  • addHave You Ever Wished To Meet Any Fictional Character In Real Life?
    Yup, Superman
  • addWhat's Your Favorite Outfit?
    Anything that sparkles
  • addWhat Kind Of Student Would You Say You Are
    Hardworking and very inquisitive


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