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Fun Facts

Holiday & Laugh😂

Team Makayla | September 27, 2023 close

Hello Friends, How is it going? Happy Holiday too! Let me keep you entertained, have you seen this yet? Promise not to laugh at me😩  

Did You Know

MONDAY; but make it your favourite day!

Team Makayla | September 25, 2023 close

Hello Friends, It’s Monday Again! Do you know why a lot of people don’t like Mondays? 🤔 maybe one day we talk about why people despise Mondays, But today we are focusing on the good side☺️ Monday is a start of a new week, it’s a time when you’ve been […]

Did You Know

Yup! Yup! Yup!☺️

Team Makayla | September 22, 2023 close

Hello Friends, TGIF! What are you listening to today? Well, let me give you a suggestion. Makayla Malaka’s (Just Another Day) Timothy Flecther did a drum mix on my song & it was so beautiful to see. Watch in the link below ;


WEDNESDAY!!! Grateful…

Team Makayla | September 20, 2023 close

Hello Friends, Hope you all are well. Just checking on you all, stay strong & keep surviving the week.


Monday Wins!

Team Makayla | September 18, 2023 close

Hello Friends, Monday! Monday! Monday! Let’s go out & win. Not really a lot of people’s favorite day but when we put our minds to winning, we will win. Have a great day ahead & Happy New Week!

Places To Visit

You Should See This☺️

Team Makayla | September 15, 2023 close

Give Me Food, Give Me Food! This girl’s gotta eat☺️ Today’s episode of “Places To Visit” We are eating out! Viewers Discretion: …if you are hungry 😂. The Restaurant is Pearl Garden & it’s located in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. It’s a Chinese Restaurant, so if you are craving Chinese […]

Did You Know


Team Makayla | September 13, 2023 close

Hello Friends, It’s beautiful to see that the world will be a better place if only we become better people ourselves, even when it doesn’t pay us! Just being human makes the world a better place.



Team Makayla | September 11, 2023 close

Hello Friends, It’s another Monday again! A brand new week! How prepared are you to make positive impact or maybe you just feel you are not seen or whatever you do doesn’t impact anyone. Well, I am here to remind you that, it might look like no one is watching […]

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