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Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

Active body and mind😊

Team Makayla | January 12, 2022

Hello Beautiful People, Hope you have been keeping safe and healthy? Keeping an active body and mind is very important, it gives you a positive feeling, you begin to see the good in every situation and you attract good things into your life. I will be sharing some ways on […]

Thinking Out Loud

Happy Resumption Day😊

Team Makayla | January 10, 2022

Hello Friends, Who else wasn’t looking forward to this day? 😂Well, I am here to tell you to look at the positive aspect of life. Seeing your friends, classmates and teachers after the holidays in good health is something to be thankful for. Remember, be kind to people and always […]

Thinking Out Loud

Do Not Compare Yourself!

Team Makayla | December 7, 2021

Hey Friends, Yesterday, I wrote about “You Are Enough” I hope you see yourself differently now 😇. One major factor that makes us sabotage ourselves is the Act of Comparison, Yes, when you compare yourself with another person it makes you feel less worthy. Comparison is a thief of joy. […]

Thinking Out Loud

You Are Enough😇

Team Makayla | December 6, 2021

Hi friends, It’s another Monday again. How have you been holding up? I know everyone is doing amazingly well. Today, I will like you to know an interesting fact that “You Are Enough”! Sometimes, we get carried away when others are doing better than us in different fields but we […]

Thinking Out Loud

Make someone smile😊

Team Makayla | December 1, 2021

Hey Friends, Happy New Month to you all🥂 It’s been a while since we had a conversation, I have missed you all but one thing is certain you are always in my mind😇Well, I have been busy with my exams and I can’t wait for the holidays 🎄. In the […]

Thinking Out Loud

How to stay Productive 😊

Team Makayla | November 25, 2021

Hey friends, How has the week been? Hope you have been keeping safe and healthy? Today, I will be sharing some tips on how to stay productive.  When you are productive, your body and mind become very active. 1) Do some exercise: Yes, do you know that at least ten […]

Thinking Out Loud

Always Express Gratitude😇

Team Makayla | November 23, 2021

Positive emotions open us to more possibilities and Gratitude is one of those positive emotions 😁 Gratitude is about focusing on what is good in our lives and being thankful for the things we have no matter how little we think they are. Have you ever stopped to appreciate the […]

Thinking Out Loud

Developing Self Esteem 🙂

Team Makayla | November 22, 2021

Hello Friends, It’s another Monday again and today I will be sharing with you how to Develop High Self Esteem, one of the things that has helped my high self-esteem is Daily Affirmation😇. Today say the below Affirmations to yourself and let see it do magic, Let Go!!! 1) Today […]

Thinking Out Loud

Little Act of Kindness

Team Makayla | November 17, 2021

Anita (pseudonym) was an excited child in class, whenever she comes to school, she greets everyone with a big smile and share her experience of the new places she has visited. Weeks later, everyone started to notice she has lost the spark in her eyes and most pupils started to […]

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