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Did You Know

Did You Know


Team Makayla | September 4, 2023

Hello Friends, It’s a dawn! Okay, guess what? Guess who is in Secondary School? Okay, you guessed right! Makayla Malaka ☺️❤️. Wish me well in this new phase. So excited about this new journey!

Did You Know


Team Makayla | July 14, 2023

Hey Friends, Happy Holidays, oh! You didn’t notice, I am on holiday 💃💃💃Done with my Primary School and I am just doing everything fun. Hope you all are doing great. Makayla Cares☺️🫶

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Team Makayla | July 7, 2023

Hey Guys, It’s finally happening, my six years in Primary School were so worth it and it ends today. I am so excited to start a new journey, look at who is a graduate today! 🎉🎉🎉 I want to say thank you to my parents, family, and friends for your […]

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Happy New Month!

Team Makayla | July 1, 2023

Hello Friends, It’s July already, it’s half of the year! Oh my ! Never feel like a failure, just keep pushing and keep doing your bit to make the world a better place. Stay positive.☺️

Did You Know

Different Phases of Work😊

Team Makayla | May 10, 2023

Hey Friends, Hope you are all keeping safe? As young people, we have different phases of work, whether the adults believe it not or not😂 Schoolwork is one of the most enjoyable work we do and may God grant us the knowledge we seek. Have fun while working, friends 😊

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Know when to rest😊

Team Makayla | February 21, 2023

Hello Friends, It’s finally my mid-term week and yes, I have been really busy with school work and also shot a new music video over the weekend. I know right, you can’t wait to see the magic, we created🤗🤗 Can you guess the name of the song? Well, it’s time […]

Did You Know

Keep the big smile 😁

Team Makayla | January 4, 2023

Hello Friends, It’s been a minute, how did your holiday go? Today, I choose to have a big smile because I just got news that school resumes next week and that happened so fast,  just yesterday I was made the social perfect of my school, oops! I didn’t inform you […]

Did You Know

You can be MORE!

Team Makayla | November 14, 2022

Hello Friends, Hope you are all doing great. I started learning a new skill and you want to take a guess? If you guessed photography, you are very correct, yes I started learning how to take good-quality pictures so we can all create memories. I want you to know that […]

Did You Know

Streamlink (Audiomack)

Team Makayla | July 21, 2022

Hello there, It’s almost a week since Makayla Malaka released her third studio album and the reception has been mindblowing, we see all the streams and support and we are so thankful to everyone who is supporting her on this journey. Below is a streamlink to “Ten” on Audiomack […]

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